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About the Program

Scottsdale Leadership Development Program

The Scottsdale Leadership development program is a premier, in-person, interactive program that brings class members together from diverse backgrounds to experience a transformation in their leadership capabilities by immersing them in the history and infrastructure of Scottsdale. Up to 50 established or emerging leaders are selected to participate each year. Class members learn from each other, and from highly sought-after subject-matter experts and leaders in topics such as Economic Development, Healthcare, Diversity & Inclusion, Government, Public Safety, Arts, Education and more.

Leadership program participants learn about Emergenetics which uses psychometric research and behavioral studies to advise and consult with businesses and individuals on how to assess human capital.

A Premier 
Leadership Program

• A nine-month experiential training program consisting of 15 interrelated, topic-focused learning days


• Learning is accomplished through small group interaction, high-impact community projects and expert-led guidance and teaching that informs about the unique aspects of Scottsdale with fundamental and emerging leadership concepts 


• Class members from diverse backgrounds learn the power of collaboration and experience a transformational and often life-changing enhancement in their leadership and personal skills

Community Projects

Making a Difference

Project Lead It Forward

The culmination of the Scottsdale Leadership program is completing a sustainable community project utilizing the compilation of leadership learned. Our “Project Lead It Forward” is putting leadership into action to create positive community impact. This community services program assists dozens of non-profit and civic organizations in meeting unfulfilled needs. Class member teams collaborate with community partners, putting the skills and knowledge they have learned in the program to use in real-time to implement projects for organizations such as Waste Not, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, YMCA, Child Crisis Arizona and Family Promise.

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The Goals of Project Lead It Forward Projects are to:

Provide community organizations with tangible, sustainable enhancement they don’t have the means to complete on their own

Enable teams members to collaborate and put the skills and knowledge they have learned through the leadership program to use in real time, seeing and realizing the benefit their actions provide to the community

Learn, internalize, and communicate lessons learned to peers and community members through a ‘PLIF’ showcase presentation

Jenna Kohl.jpg

A Scottsdale Leadership

Alumna Speaks About Her

Community Project Experience

See this PLIF team

in action, coming together, and

making a difference!

“The leadership experience is full circle.  Completing our community project required us to work collaboratively, using our varied talents and

expertise, in partnership with the United School for Autism.  Our project was to convert their old, worn technology room into a sustainable new learning space that recognized and respected their students unique learning styles and that would create an atmosphere of inspiration, innovation and collaboration.


We had a steep learning curve to understand the unique needs of the autistic students and the teachers.  I relied on the strengths of the others on my team to complement my own.  I learned so much from all of them and the experience:  Collaboration; Diving in and learning something new; Adapting to change; Asking for help; Listening and delivering;  The power of connection and friendship and passion for making a difference.  All this I pass on to my family, my employer, and my friends.  They all get a better version of me due to this experience.”

"The leadership experience is full circle"

Jenna Kohl, Class 34

Executive Director, DC Ranch Community Council

From a PLIF Beneficiary ...

Child Crises Arizona says Thank you!

Thank you Scottsdale Leadership for the incredible improvement project at Child Crisis Arizona’s Earll apartments!! You truly are an amazing group of ambassadors for our organization and the children, youth and families we serve. We hope you will stay involved and continue strengthening our communities through these wonderful beautification projects.

Child Crises Video Frame.png

Torrie A. Taj

Chief Executive Officer, Child Crisis Arizona


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