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Why Companies Engage With Us


Significant Return on Investment

Provide Your Employee the Growth and Enrichment

of Participating in the Scottsdale Leadership Program


Companies gain from having employees who return from the Scottsdale Leadership Program as empowered and more inspired workers and leaders who have become motivated to give back from their transformative learning and hands-on civic service.

“Scottsdale Leadership provides a longstanding network of people who are inspired, passionate, motivated, grateful and open-minded. There is no better group of people I could choose to continue to surround myself with to learn and develop both personally and professionally as a leader, and that’s invaluable.”  

- Sarah Kearney, President, Class 30


Program Participants Gain:


• Personal and professional growth

• Ability to influence organizations

• Connection to more than 1,300 alumni

• Elevated leadership capabilities

Employers Gain:


• Higher performing employees

• Increased employee attraction and retention

• Increased business prospect network

• Elevated profile and name recognition

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