Welcome Alumni! You are part of an elite group of Scottsdale Leadership class members who have experienced the joy and growth of the core program. Where you go from here is in your hands.  Scottsdale Leadership is not a one-and-done opportunity. As an alum, one of your key roles is to help sustain the organization so other class members are lifted to learn and grow as you have. Another expectation of you is to utilize your leadership skills as a volunteer in Scottsdale Leadership or at one of the other great organizations you learned about throughout the Core Program.

There are a multitude of ways you can continue to contribute.  Three main methods are through financial support, generosity of your time, and commitment of your energy.  

  1. Financial support is shown through annual membership dues participation, corporate giving, and legacy giving. Your financial support is used to sustain organizations that help and support residents facing challenges in the community.  It is also used to support the efforts and mission of Scottsdale Leadership. This support must be funded with actual dollars.  Your contribution matters. 

  2. Time is shown by volunteering for events, class days, and other opportunities.  Don’t wait to be asked, part of volunteering is stepping forward and letting the organization know you’re available. If there isn’t an immediate match, step forward again.  

  3. Energy is shown through attending events, recruiting new class members, supporting new classes, modeling the value of Scottsdale Leadership in your organization, sharing information about events on your social media channels and embracing a host of other chances to communicate the benefits of Scottsdale Leadership.  

Only through you can Scottsdale Leadership thrive and continue to grow upcoming leaders.  You hold the key to our future success and we know we’re in good hands.