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Scottsdale Leadership Alumni

Our alumni are an elite group who have experienced and graduated from the Scottsdale Leadership Leadership Program. As leaders and key contributors within their organizations and throughout the community they are using the skills and experience gained from the program to do remarkable things and to make a difference.  Our graduates have grown to become board appointees, commissioners, advocates, mayors, city council members and strong leaders within their own organizations.  Our alumni family has positively impacted hundreds of civic, business, philanthropic, non-profit, and cultural organizations.

Our alumni are the backbone of who Scottsdale Leadership is as an organization.  Using their passion as a driving force for positive change they model the integrity and values of Scottsdale Leadership to their organizations and the community.  They mentor newer class members, setting the example that lifts them up to learn and grow as they have, continuing Scottsdale Leadership's legacy and mission of inspiring and empowering leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community. 


"Scottsdale Leadership volunteers allow us to connect to our community and make it a better place. It gives one a sense of purpose and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. We do it with a desire to do good."


Lee Ann Witt ,Class 33,

Scottsdale Leadership Executive Director 

Our Alumni
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Scottsdale Leadership Alumni volunteers gather to fill "Healthy Packs" 

– helping kids to prevent food insecurity on the weekends.

Members from many classes come together as a team, giving back to the community.

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