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What We Do

Scottsdale Leadership participants engage in immersive learning to gain personal and professional growth.

What We Do

Scottsdale Leadership Development Program

Through powerful and immersive learning, Scottsdale Leadership develops current and future community and business leaders. Class members from diverse backgrounds participate in our nine-month experiential program to gain personal and professional growth, the ability to influence organizations, connections to more than 1,300 alumni, and elevated leadership abilities.



The culmination of the program is completing a sustainable community project utilizing the compilation of leadership lessons learned. Our “Project Lead It Forward” community services program assists dozens of non- profit and civic organizations in meeting unfulfilled needs. Class member teams collaborate with community partners, putting the skills and knowledge they have learned in the program to use in real-time to implement projects for organizations such as Waste Not, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, YMCA, Child Crisis Arizona and Family Promise.

Project Lead It Forward

Class  teams use their learned leadership skills

to complete  high-impact community projects

What People Are
Saying About Us

Scottsdale Leadership is an important part of the city’s leadership development efforts – both within our organization and throughout our community. Employees and community members selected to participate in Scottsdale Leadership learn more about our community, which furthers their passion for public service.

— Brent Stockwell

Assistant City Manager, City of Scottsdale

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Our Mission
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What We Stand For

Our mission is to inform, inspire and empower leaders to
champion and strengthen the interests of the community. 



Using our passion and interests to inspire being involved, promotes the prosperity and vitality of our community.


Valuing diversity and unique contributions fosters a richer environment for thought leaders and civic progress.


Being collaborative creates a supportive environment for personal and professional growth as well as organizational success.



Courageous leadership allows for meaningful and significant impact in leading yourself, others and organizations to a better place.



Inspiring the personal and community rewards of volunteer service creates engaged citizens and builds trustee development.

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