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Scottsdale Leadership's
Alumni-to-Alumni Mentoring

What do you want to learn and who can you learn it from?  Those are the questions Alumni-to-alumni mentoring answers.  This program leverages skills, expertise, and knowledge our alumni bring to our organization and shares it with other alumni. We invite all alumni to be a mentor or to have a mentor.  (Current class members participate in a separate program.) 

How the program works:

Alumni-to-alumni mentoring is overseen by a committee of volunteers who meet monthly to make strategic and mindful matches of mentors and mentees.  There are four general areas in which mentoring is categorized:  Networking, Community Service, Career, and Business Expansion & Growth.  These are designed to be broad and to accommodate a majority of mentee goals.   

The process begins with mentors and mentees each completing a questionnaire that provides the committee with information that will help them make quality matches.  When a mentor is identified for a specific mentee, the committee will reach out to the prospective mentor.  If the mentor is agreeable to the match, the committee will assist with an introductory meeting.  The mentoring pair meets as often as needed – usually about twice a month for about an hour or as needed to help the mentee achieve their stated goals.  The official relationship lasts a year or until the goals have been met, whichever is shorter. 

How are matches made?

Matching is as much art as science.  The committee considers the goals of the mentee and considers mentors who can provide guidance toward those goals.  In addition, the committee considers similarities in backgrounds, education, family, interests, and any other resources available, such as Linked In and personal knowledge, to help make a mindful match. 

Why would someone want to be a mentee?

There are many reasons it’s beneficial to connect to other alumni.  As examples:

  • Explore running for governmental office.

  • Connect with more people in the community – network.

  • Start a business and get some advice and assistance.

  • Get some assistance in moving forward in a new or established career.

  • Explore new opportunities in new fields.

  • Learn about working more effectively in profit or non-profit organizations. 

The list is endless.

If you would like to become a Mentee click here to complete the questionnaire.


Why would someone want to be a mentor? 

  • Mentors have expertise they want to share with others. 

  • They like to see other people grow and become successful. 

  • They appreciate being able to use their previous and current skills, knowledge, and abilities. 

  • They learn new things from those they mentor. 

  • They want to be engaged and to give back to Scottsdale Leadership.

If you would like to become a Mentor click here to complete the questionnaire. 


For more detailed information and a list of frequently asked questions click here.

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