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"I was so grateful for
what I learned and
and what the Research
Institute is bringing
to Scottsdale."


Joanna Peyton, Class 28

HonorHealth Research Institute Provides Advanced Care for the Scottsdale Patient Community


By Joanna Peyton


In August, I had the opportunity to attend the HonorHealth Research Institute’s 2nd Annual Research Symposium. I was invited to support my aunt, Carrie Stoneburner, who was there to speak as a Grateful Patient.


Carrie is a retired IT systems analyst for the Arizona Supreme Court and has spent her life living in or near Scottsdale. She is one of the bravest, strongest people I know. In 2016, Carrie was treated at HonorHealth’s Scottsdale Shea Medical Center for her late-stage ovarian cancer, but when the traditional therapies no longer worked, she began clinical trials at HonorHealth Research Institute.


Of course, I know Carrie’s story. Our family has been with her along this journey every step of the way. But, it was such an enlightening experience to see her in this new light, as an optimistic patient, collaborating with physicians and clinicians to help find a cure for herself and for patients like her. She was shining, sharing her journey, so that the responsible clinicians could understand their impact on people like my aunt, and to bring energy and gratitude to this impactful cause. I was so grateful for what I learned, and what the Research Institute is bringing to Scottsdale that I wanted to share the experience.


In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the value of research and innovation is increasingly important in shaping the way we understand and treat diseases, and of course improving patient outcomes. By attending this conference, I had the opportunity to hear about some of the latest advancements in treatments, gain insights from expert clinicians, and witness first hand the profound impact that these clinical trails have on patient care and our community.


But why share this with our Scottsdale Leadership community? The Institute is trying to reach our community, spread awareness and share a common set of values. Having a research institute in Scottsdale brings us access to medical breakthroughs, enhanced healthcare services, education, health promotion and of course economic benefits and job creation. 


With more than 270 personnel, the Institute serves thousands of patients each year. They have arrived from all 50 states and nearly 30 nations, seeking the latest treatments for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other metabolic conditions, neurologic problems, and a host of other maladies. The Institute is part of a six-hospital system, four of them in Scottsdale, that employ more than 14,000, the 8th largest employer in Arizona.

Today, 7 years since her diagnosis, Carrie’s story is a positive one. Because of her uncompromisingly optimistic approach to life and the treatment she’s received, she lives symptom free with her husband Jim and two goofy dogs, Dresden and Molly – each of which is bigger than Carrie, I might add. Carrie and her family are so grateful for the opportunities brought to her by the Institute. If you’re interested in Carrie’s story, you can read more about it here, in the Institute’s September newsletter. 


Carrie Stoneburner

HonorHealth Research Institute Newsletter | September 2023


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