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Dr. Art DeCabooter Scholarship Award
Nominee Selection Criteria

Nominations for this award are based upon contributions in:


Community Service and Involvement: A record of community service which demonstrates commitment to Scottsdale Leadership’s core values: Engagement; Inclusion; Connection; Courage; and Stewardship.


Leadership: Recognition by others as being a leader and mentor:  Accomplishment of significant goals through leadership;  Leadership roles in various organizations or community initiatives.


Consistency of Community Involvement: Contributions to community have been consistent over an extended period of time.


Humanitarian Values: Exemplifies warmth, caring, inclusivity and concern for those of varying backgrounds and constituencies; Demonstrates the ability to work well with different groups of people.

Nominate a candidate for the Art DeCabooter Scholarship

Please note:

This scholarship may not be awarded every year.  The scholarship award is based on worthy contributions to an incoming class member if applicable.  Scottsdale Leadership alumni are not eligible for this award.

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