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Jenkins Youth Leadership Award
Nominee Selection Criteria

Those wishing to nominate a student for this award must be an adult other than a parent, guardian, or sibling of the nominee.


Nominees must be in grades 11 or 12 (academic year) and meet one of these criteria:


Attends a school within SUSD – or

Resides at a Scottsdale address  – or

Attends a school with a Scottsdale address


Nominees for this award must represent Bill Jenkins’ passion for leadership and community with these qualities:


Demonstrate excellent leadership at home, at school and in the community

Exhibit  initiative and leadership potential in setting and achieving short and long-term goals

Exhibit an understanding of the skills effective leaders possess


How to apply:


The nominator must fill out a nomination form for the student

The student must fill out a nominee form

Two letters of recommendation, written by someone other than the nominator, must be emailed to

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