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History Day

Scottsdale History Immersion


On Friday, September 29 th , Class 39 was fortunate enough to be immersed in Scottsdale history with
iconic innovators, historians, and changemakers within the community. Starting with the incredible Joan
Fudala, Jona Davis, and Stephanie Tippett, our class took a visual walk down memory lane from the
inception of Scottsdale, to present day.


Following the slideshow and pictures from the past, our cohorts took a walking tour of the new Civic

Center mall – including learning about the Little Red School House from the Board of Directors…

we also were lucky enough to try some amazing homemade cookies!

Next, we hopped on our Scottsdale Leadership bus - learning as we drove and bonding with our bus
buddies. Before we knew it, we were at CattleTrack. We saw a familiar face when we were greeted by
Sam Campana! She introduced us to the driving force of CattleTrack, Janie Ellis. What a dynamo! Janie
and her family helped blossom Scottsdale into its modern-day greatness, all while continuing to support
our arts and design.


Following our amazing time with Janie, we were all aboard to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.
We literally hopped on a train and saw first-hand how community leaders turned a passion into a beloved
community center. From history to entertainment, this park has it all!


After we choo-chooed our way out, we were catching flights up at the Scottsdale Airpark with Sarah
Ferrara. We learned about the economic impact of the airports, their associated businesses, and ease of
which executives can fly in and out of Scottsdale. Our class had a great time watching jets take off and
land before heading over to WestWorld.


We concluded our day with an awesome tour of WestWorld’s equestrian facilities, the Barrett Jackson
location, and we were shocked to learn just how many events WestWorld hosts. Even cooler, we got to
see some talented dressage riders and their horses.


Overall, the day was an incredible experience filled with knowledge, history, and camaraderie. Thank
you to our incredible day hosts, tour guides, and community leaders who imparted their knowledge and
kindness on us. It’s a day that will go down in history!

Written by

Rachel Tarman on behalf of Class 38

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