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Why Scottsdale Leadership?

Scottsdale Leadership is recognized for turning out stellar leaders. The benefits of going through Scottsdale Leadership’s Core Program also include:

  • Scottsdale Leadership’s alumni and stakeholder network provides unrivaled opportunities for support, connections and partnerships from prominent city and business leaders and partnerships.

  • Gaining an understanding of “big picture” issues, becoming well connected in the community and garnering leadership skills.

  • Having ambassadors for the employee’s in the Core Program increases visibility for that organization.

  • Elevated company profile in the community.

  • Potential business prospects throughout Scottsdale Leadership connections.

  • Cost effective professional development investment, a key selling point for recruiting employees.

  • Higher employee retention.

Value To Organizations Partnering With Scottsdale Leadership

  • National companies are seen as a local company which chooses to continue to invest and strengthen its communities.

  • As participants graduate from Core Program, brand ambassadors grow within the community at a much deeper level.

  • Through alumni and other community stakeholders, organization gain exposure to potential partner and future employees.

  • Investing in employee through the Scottsdale Leadership Core Program shows your value of them, with the potential of longer retention and commitment.

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