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Meet Your Board Members
Andy Greenwood, Class 34 & Annie Gwinn, Class 34

Our biggest takeaway from the Scottsdale Leadership experience:

It would be difficult to identity a single experience - there is so much more to Scottsdale than a website might advertise. The opportunity to meet and hear from influential citizens and representatives, the volunteers, Scottsdale Leadership Staff, Alumni, and the visionaries of yesteryear culminated in an invaluable Class experience. The lifelong friendships and incredible network created along the way ensure that this experience is one that continues to be valuable long into the future.  


Our favorite memory from Class 34:

The chance we had to listen to the constant stream of professionals who volunteered their time and experience in hopes of improving the future was certainly a highlight. Rarely can you find a group of individuals willing to set aside differences, hear an opposingview, then work to align on common ground.


Why we joined the Scottsdale Leadership Board:



At the welcome reception for Class 34, I met a Scottsdale Leadership Alumni. He encouraged me, that when it comes to volunteerism, to “...find a way to say yes, even if you’re not comfortable with the ask”. Up to that point, I have not served on the board of a non-profit so it was definitely uncomfortable. I’m so glad I said, “yes”.  



Having been through the Scottsdale Leadership program, I couldn’t think of a better way to intentionally give back. I’ve been honored to invest myself in working with this team to deliver a program that contributes to making our community the best it can be in so many ways!


Our biggest board accomplishment:

We are very proud to have participated in the board discussion that strengthened the program revenue streams as we benchmarked against other leadership programs. This ultimately resulted in a stronger financial position that can be leveraged well into the future. We have also worked to bring new content that will jumpstart the class camaraderie with an overnight retreat.


What we’re most excited about for future classes:

We can’t wait to see where the next group of leaders decide to take the program in Class 38 and beyond! As the program for Class 37 comes to a close, we’re looking forward to celebrating accomplishments and seeing the Project Lead it Forward work come to life. At the same time, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to meet interested candidates for Class 38. The final applicant reception is scheduled for April 20th . We look forward to seeing you there or at one of the many upcoming alumni activities!


Andy and Annie

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