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Principles of Civil Dialogue

“As a member of the Scottsdale community, I will genuinely listen; speak respectfully; and be accountable for my words and actions.”

We believe in educating and informing community members through an apolitical, agnostic and ethical lens, which invites individuals and organizations from all sides of an issue or conversation to express their views. We recognize that civil discourse has dissipated, especially over this past year of national political campaigning, and that negativity is capturing the attention of individuals. We know our children are watching, and the trickle down effect of divisive rhetoric is influencing local and community dialogue where fear tactics or negative communication is used to stop progress toward the greater good of our community. Leaders are proud of saying “no” or stopping progress instead of moving a solution forward. Civil discourse is key to formulating the best approach to a solution. Scottsdale Leadership has been driving its Principles for Civil Dialogue initiative, garnering community support from the City of Scottsdale, its commissions and boards, and the Scottsdale Unified School District. More than 20 civic and community organizations have adopted or endorsed this initiative. Civil dialogue advances the public interests.

It creates a safe environment in which different points of view may be expressed and evaluated.

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