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Leadership & Change in Healthcare

Joanna Peyton

SL Board Member, Marketing

Work is not work for me. I choose the roles I play in life carefully and have had the opportunity to do what I love and find rewarding, all woven with passion.

Accumen is my current employer where I serve in an executive operational role. We help hospitals and health systems respond to current challenges in this rapidly changing environment. One of those challenges our nation is faced with today outside of the obvious pandemic is our country’s national blood shortage crises which poses a significant risk to patient care.

I am so proud to say the company I work for is playing a substantial role in the solution. Patient blood management is critical for patient care, and there’s so much opportunity to educate, standardize and automate processes related to managing and conserving patients’ blood. The impact we have on this initiative is tremendous. Our clients can quantify, unequivocally, reduced patient transfusions and related adverse effects, reduced hospital length of stay, reduced cost, reduced blood use and most importantly, increased patient safety and quality of care.

These advancements were materialized through demonstrated leadership skills woven into our daily tasks, work, and initiatives. We do all this by first changing the culture of an organization relative to blood, and implementing cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind technology. Watching our programs transform not only the operational standards at the hospital and the use of blood in the hospital, but also hearing our clients, the clinicians in the hospital, convey their great success over the quality of care they’re able to deliver on such a large scale is rewarding, personally and professionally. They are passionate leaders in the healthcare world.

Along with our clinicians that lead change at my company, the other critical part of the equation, are our clients. The healthcare leaders that join us on this journey, embrace change, face conflict and are ultimately leading a massive cultural change. And then there’s technology, a brand-new component that allows clinicians to treat more patients faster by identifying risks through automation. Adoption of technology is another culture shift that requires strong leadership and change management. With great admiration, I am passionate about leaders who are not afraid to take on something difficult for the greater good. They know it’s a heavy lift going into it and face it with tenacity and determination. They know they’ll have resistance from some and welcome the opportunity to change minds with vision and passion.

Strong leaders are all around us. Let’s raise them up together. Embrace change as you may find your passion. You can learn more about Accumen HERE.

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