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Branching Out February 2022

OUTREACH AND RECRUITMENT CORNER Jenna Kohl We are now accepting applications for Scottsdale Leadership’s Class 37! At the heart of Scottsdale Leadership is the core program. For many of you, the program was impactful, allowing you to refine your leadership skills, advance your career, enable you to give back more intentionally, and establish lifelong friendships. It’s time to recruit the next class of difference makers. Our goal is to have a qualified and diverse set of 40-45 class members that will be ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime in fall 2022. Your support in helping us get there is critical.

Inspire and encourage someone you admire to apply today. Or, nominate someone via the web site, or send me the contact information for someone that you think would be qualified and interested, and we will reach out to them. Potential applicants can learn more at one of three information sessions: February 23, 4 p.m. via Zoom March 23, 5 p.m. via Zoom April 14, 8 a.m. at the Scottsdale Leadership Offices What makes the ideal candidate for Scottsdale Leadership? While there is no “magic formula,” just look around at your fellow alumni for the answer. Someone who is eager to learn and lead. Someone who is kind and wants to invest time to work with others to make our community the best it can be. Someone who lives the concept of servant leadership. Someone who is willing to show up, speak up, stand up - and have some fun in the process. Applications are due May 19 (April 23 to get the early bird discount). We look forward to welcoming a strong Class 37 to the Scottsdale Leadership family. Jenna Kohl, Class 34 Outreach & Recruitment Chair


Alan Rodbell, Class 19

Scottsdale Leadership has formed many partnerships with organizations in Scottsdale over the years, but none is more important than our first responder community. That became even clearer to us when met with former Scottsdale Police Chief and Scottsdale Leadership Class 19-member Alan Rodbell. Quiet authority is certainly a big part of what we found when we spoke with Alan, but we also found a person with great warmth and humility. He forged his own path to success by taking in what he learned through the years and turning that into an impressive level of service to his community as you will see.


New Exhibit: Then and Now

The Scottsdale Historical Society has installed a "Then and Now" exhibit at the Civic Center Library. The various panels include a selection of photos depicting Scottsdale's emergence from a farming community to the city we enjoy today.

Because of the construction on the Scottsdale Civic Center park/plaza, the Little Red School House will not be open for visitors until early 2023. This exhibit at the Library is open during library hours. Over the next several months, new panels of "Then and Now" will be installed to expand and enhance the current showings.

Come, bring your family and friends, and especially leave your comments -- the Historical Society wants to hear about your memories from your Scottsdale experiences.


Well done, Alumni Engagement Committee!

Scottsdale Leadership rolled back into the Parada del Sol!

Thank you Sacks Tierney and City of Scottsdale for making this possible.


The Women's Collective (The WC) was born of a shared vision among the founders, many who are Scottsdale Leadership alumnae, to create not just an organization but an opportunity to take our collective professional and life experiences and put them to work in helping other women not only get a seat at the decision-making table, but to find and use their voices to contribute positively to decisions that impact other women. The WC is a non-profit membership organization for women, with the mission of inspiring and elevating female leaders. Click here for more!

Chris Irish, Maryann McAllen, Jona Davis, Kira Peters, Jenna Kohl, Kris Cano, Jane Blacker

Are you involved in our Scottsdale community? Let us know and we will Shout It Out! Contact WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!



Tiffany House, Class 31

I am proud to support Scottsdale Leadership with a legacy gift! My experience in Class 31 changed my life and gave me a sense of community and responsibility for society I did not know I was lacking. We left a gift in our Trust to ensure that generations of people have access to the unique opportunities, education, and connections that Scottsdale Leadership provides. When my husband, Darin Shebesta (Class 28), and I sat our three daughters down and let them know that they would only receive 30% of our estate rather than 33% they were lit up that we wanted to include charity in our plans. We are glad to leave Scottsdale Leadership part of our estate and it has been an inspiring act for us and our kids. It is amazing how much you can get out of giving!

For information about how you can become a Legacy Circle Member contact:


Be a part of the Scottsdale Tourism Strategic Plan’s community survey The city of Scottsdale, in partnership with Experience Scottsdale, is developing a Tourism Strategic Plan to determine and identify sustainable growth, expansion and management opportunities, while enhancing the city’s long-term quality of life for residents and visitors. In preparation, the city is conducting a survey about living, working, and playing in Scottsdale. The responses will help us better understand the community experience, as well as identify how we can protect, improve, and enhance Scottsdale’s economic prosperity. Please help us by taking the survey before Feb. 22. (The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete). We appreciate your valuable time and insights and promise to learn from your answers to make Scottsdale an even better place to live, work, play and visit.


Team Creating Community

It’s that time of year, the PLIF projects are underway. Please take the time to review this project’s request below and consider a donation for this important cause.

The Creating Community PLIF team of Scottsdale Leadership Class 36 needs funding to transform community spaces for the young adult residents of the Earll Home, a Child Crisis Arizona site in Phoenix, dedicated to helping at-risk youth transition from foster care to independence. The team is transforming three community spaces to inspire connection, growth and hope for these young adults as they prepare for independence into adulthood. Be part of this important transformation, donate now to the link below.

The team is transforming three community spaces to inspire connection, growth and hope for these young adults as they prepare for independence into adulthood.

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions or know of other ways to contribute to our project, please reach out to Diane Stouffer (Class 36) 602-332-2726

You can dontate HERE!

PLIF: Team Horsense

So please join us on February 23rd at 5pm at Desert Rock Winery in Scottsdale. Come on out and have a great time while helping our teams and our community! Help us raise funds to build an educational pavilion for the after school program. It's a win, win! Please rsvp below. See you there! You can RSVP here!


On a bright and chilly January morning, Class 36 met at SkySong, a beautiful business campus in South Scottsdale for our Economic Development Day and to learn more about the inter-relationship with neighboring cities. A huge shout out to Day Chairs, Brian Bednar (Class 20) and Mike Baer (Class 35). Mike led the sessions throughout the day as Brian unfortunately couldn’t make it. Mike was amazing and deferred our compliments to Brian who he said planned out the day to the last detail. For those that know Brian, this is not a surprise. The class was also fortunate to have the former Mayor of Scottsdale, Sam Campana, join them for the day. We even managed to squeeze in our class photo. Read more here!

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