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October 2023 

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President Elect's Corner

Catalyst for Leadership Empowerment Servant Steward |Visionary Advisor

Adaptive Innovator  Inspirational Influencer Ethical Navigator | 

Collaboration Orchestrator Encouraging Mentor Motivating Facilitator


What’s your leadership style?


If you’re like most people, it changes as you learn, grow, age, adapt and of course, fail. Leadership is not about holding a position of authority; it’s about blending each of our diverse qualities towards a shared vision.  As a class member, board member, alumni, mentor, advisor, or committee member – you know you have a family of empowering leaders surrounding you that embody all of those descriptors above. Not as individuals, but as a team who collectively, has taken on the mission to inform, inspire and empower leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community.  THIS is why we get involved. THIS is why we create change. THIS is why we LEAD. THANK YOU for being a part of this community, and advancing this honorable mission.


And now – our newest band of Leaders - Class 38 is off and running! What a pleasure it was getting to know our Class 38 members on their first class day – but it wasn’t their first time getting to know each other! Because of the inaugural overnight retreat, these folks were well on their way to forming lifelong relationships, as all of us alumni know is inevitable. Now the Board just has to fight off all of the feelings of inequity from our past classes (100% of board members included) who didn’t have the benefit of the retreat – sounds like an excuse for some class reunions! I don’t know about you, but I’m already looking forward to seeing how this class will impact Scottsdale, and I know we’ll see it in their Project Lead it Forward (PLIF) efforts later this year.


As for you, our valued Alumni, we are so grateful for the increase in alumni activity we’ve seen in recent months. Our Alumni Engagement Chairs Lyric Naquin and Erin Krivanek are working hard to create unique events to continue to generate involvement from our Alumni – and it’s working! You’ll see all kinds of great events coming up in the newsletter – please encourage your classmates to come out and socialize, help pack lunches, donate blood or any number of upcoming activities. Looking forward to seeing you there - these events don’t disappoint!

Joanna Payton.jpg

Joanna Peyton, Class 28

"Leadership is not about holding a position of authority; it’s about blending each of our diverse qualities towards a shared vision." 

Scottsdale Leadership Proudly Announces
2023 Spirit of Community Award Winners !

Congratulations to this years distinguished award winners: 

Christine Irish, Kevin Maxwell and Alex Stephenson!

Read the details in our Press Release here.

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Meet Your
Board Members

Stephanie Tippett, Class 36 - Community Events Vice Chair


We Need Your Donations!


Hi Everybody! I am Stephanie Tippett of Notorious Class 36, Parks and Recreation Manager for the City of Scottsdale and this year’s Vice Chair of Community Events.  The Spirit of Community Awards Luncheon is just around the corner on Friday, December 8th and we need your help to make the event extra special. 


The auction is an important and exciting part of the luncheon each year and we need your help to keep that tradition going.  The auction helps us raise necessary funds to continue to do the great community work that we do year after year. Every item plays a significant role in making the auction and the event a success, no item is too small.  Do you have connection to experiences, gift items, or art?  Are you crafty and can put together a custom basket of handmade items?  Share your talents and connections with the auction this year.  Items can be brought to the Scottsdale Leadership office to be photographed and placed on the auction website.  We are looking for items through November 13th. 


Don’t forget that tickets are on sale now!  Encourage your classmates to purchase a table together and represent your class.  The luncheon is also a wonderful opportunity to introduce friends or colleagues to Scottsdale Leadership.  I can’t wait to see what items you all will contribute! See you all at the luncheon on December 8th.


If you have any questions about the raffle, please email:

Paul Baker, Class 33
Written by: Craig Miller, Class 7 and Dr. Frances Mills-Yerger, Class 16

Blast from the Past

Paul Baker Graphic.png

Community Service runs deep in the Baker Family. Paul learned the value of getting involved in a meaningful way from his father and grandfather. 

We are fortunate that Paul is sharing some of his volunteer time with the Luncheon Committee again this year helping us gather wonderful auction prizes! Thank you, Paul! 


Read more to learn the many other significant ways Paul is making contributions to our community!

Upcoming Events.png

Wednesday, October 18th, 5:30 - 7:00 pm

Mentorship event (1).png

Friday, October 20th, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Tuesday, November 7th, 10:00 am 12:00 N

Tuesday, November 7th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

FINALCC 6-8.png
Perspective Icon.png

Joanna Peyton, Class 28

Honor Health Research Institute
Providing Advanced Care for Scottsdale Patients

What is more more important than family and good health?


Joanna Peyton shares an inspiring story about both.  Read about her enlightening experience attending an Honor Health Research Symposium.

"In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the value of research and innovation is increasingly important in shaping the way we understand and treat diseases, and of course improving patient outcomes. By attending this conference, I had the opportunity to hear about some of the latest advancements in treatments, gain insights from expert clinicians, and witness first hand the profound impact that these clinical trials have on patient care and our community."



Thank you for all you do!
Colleen Katz, Class 34 !

We are grateful to Colleen Katz of Class 34 and our Board of Directors for being there to capture all the best Scottsdale Leadership moments. Thanks Colleen and Pictures in Pixels Photography! 

Past Presidents Meet for an Evening of Collaboration 

Bottom Row: Gary Shapiro, Co-Founder; Suzanne Walden-Wells, Class 17; Doreen Reinke, Class 17;

Second Row: Kim Dodds-Keran, Class 27; Denise Pruitt, Class 11; Jolynn Clark, Class 10; Jane Blacker, Class 19; Abbie Fink, Class 17; Diana Smith, Class 3; Sarah Kearney, Class 30; Carol DeMaso, Class 21;

Back Row: James Keeley, Class 4; Bob Howard, Class 1

Scottsdale Leadership Playing Ball for
Scottsdale Boys and Girls Club 

Scottsdale Leadership was well represented at the Boys & Girls Club Scottsdale’s Inaugural Basketball Tournament!  The Blue Team won 57-55 over the Red Team with SL alumni on both teams.  The real winners were the kids!  Recruiting NOW for next year’s tournament!


Top Row: Lyric Naquin, Class 35; Larry Hewitt, Class 36; Darin Shebesta, Class 28; Betty Hancock, Class 38; Albert Johnson, Class 38; Aaron Howard, Class 38

Bottom Row: Cynthia Wenstrom, Class 25; Sarah Kearney Class 30; Lauren Dessis, Class 38; Lee Ann Witt, Class 33 and Executive Director; Dale Shafer, Class 38

(Not Pictured: World's Best MC...Christian Sanft, Class 38 and Photographer Colleen Katz, Class 34

Alumni Benefit from a Great Networking Event

“Your Network is Your Net Worth” Speed Networking event was a huge success!  Thank you to Lyric Naquin and Mike Baer for sharing your mentoring and network experiences and valuable advice.  A special shout out to Shepherd of the Desert for the venue and Colleen Katz, Pictures in Pixels Photography, for the free headshots! 


Left:  Lyric Naquin and Mike Baer of Class 35 host our evening of networking

Right:  Erin Krivanek of Class 37 and Dan Ishac of Class 38 in the speed networking activity

Musical Note Splash.png

Join the Choir
with Austin Bloom, Class 35

Hello Fellow Alumni,

I am a member of the Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix and have an opportunity I would like to share with you.  Established in 1929, the Chorus has held at least one formal concert every year since 1930.  Open auditions will be taking place for male singers Spring 2024.

Please visit the website to learn about the upcoming winter concert series, purchase concert tickets and learn about the history of the group as well!


Class 38 participants have begun their Scottsdale Leadership journey learning more about each other and themselves during Welcome Day - and - learning about the incredible heritage of our Scottsdale community as well as exploring key sites during History Day.

Read and See 

all about it here!

Class 38 
Leadership Program Days

Class 38 enjoying our stop at the Scottsdale Airport 

Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 3.42.12 PM.png

This month's edition of Branching Out is brought to you thanks to our community partner 

Thank you for investing in Scottsdale Leadership!

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