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President's Corner

June 2023 Newsletter

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President's Corner

Sarah Kearney
Scottsdale Leadership 2022-2023 President

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Eight years ago, I was nominated and selected to participate in Scottsdale Leadership’s Program.  I remember walking into the first day of class feeling like it was the first day of school with nerves and excitement operating at the same level.  I saw a couple of familiar faces which put me at ease, but the majority were people I had never met. But, we instantly had one thing in common, and that was being members

of Scottsdale Leadership Class 30.  At the time, I was young in my career, I wanted to find community organizations where I could serve and give back.  I wanted to learn more about the community that I already thought I knew a lot about, and I wanted to make meaningful connections.  Little did I know that my Scottsdale Leadership program experience and alumni engagement opportunities would provide all of that and so much more.

Being part of the board has allowed me to dream and think bigger for the organization and the community.  It has put me in the company of a diverse group of thoughtful leaders who may not all agree, but who are willing to listen to one another, seek solutions and take action respectfully. Our world moves fast and is complex, but for me when I walk into any event, function, or meeting where Scottsdale Leadership class members, alumni, and supporters are, I feel the energy and excitement.  In those moments, just when I think I am running out of gas to keep going, it fills me back up with gentle reminders of encouragement and motivation. And just like that my tank is full, and all of the passion and energy within has been replenished.  I know I am not alone in that feeling which is one of the many reasons why

When I was asked to write a little something as I sign-off as your president of Scottsdale Leadership this year, I was trying to figure out what I could say that was going to be so powerfully inspirational to our alumni and network of those who have inspired me.  I quickly realized that there isn’t much more that I can say other than “Thank You.”  Thank you for fulfilling the organization’s mission to inform,inspire, and empower me to strengthen the interests of this community. Thank you for having the confidence and trust in me to lead this organization when I may not have even had the confidence in myself to do so.  Thank you for supporting me in my journey as I leaned on so many of you for advice and help.  The staff and board have rolled up their sleeves, worked together, and made lasting impact and change for the organization for the future. 

Scottsdale Leadership is so strong today.  We all reminisce of our experience with Scottsdale Leadership whether it was a class day, classmates, or eye-opening experience that struck a chord that ran a little deeper.  Where our sense of purpose lives and when we listen to it, it brings us to a good place.  If it’s been a while since you have connected with the organization or fellow classmates, I encourage you to do so and you just may be surprised at what the reconnection does.


As I pass the gavel on to Michael Wills and he steps into being our 23/24 Scottsdale Leadership board president, I hope he and the team not only know, but they see and feel how much of my heart went into and will continue to go into this organization.  I am just one story and I know there are many more out there in our alumni network.  So please share with us as I am forever grateful for the impact that Scottsdale Leadership has had on me.

Class 38 Leadership Program News

Lee Ann Witt
Executive Director

There’s a rumor going around and IT’S TRUE!

Class 38 will participate in our first

Leadership Program Overnight Retreat

The retreat, taking place on August 24th and 25th will be conducted by a “rock star” facilitator who will help us get to the heart of leadership over two days and many thought-provoking activities. Kristi Staab, Class 25, is an international speaker, author, trainer, and consultant who has been coaching and developing individuals, teams, and organizations to excellence – helping them be more, do more, and achieve more. I personally saw her in action with Leadership Henderson last September, and was extremely impressed with what she brought to their program.


During the retreat, we will host a Sponsor Dinner the evening of August 24th . All sponsoring partners will be invited to meet class members and share a memorable evening together. We are currently accepting sponsors for this event.

Small group facilitation will take place on the second day of the retreat. Alumni are welcome to submit their desire to be a small group facilitator to me at The time commitment involves attending one training session and both days of the retreat. This is a special opportunity to

really get involved.


We will conclude the retreat with our traditional Welcome Reception at 5:30 PM at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch and all are encouraged to attend. It is a great event to kick-off the new class year and we look forward to sharing it with you!

Kristi cutout.png

Kristi Staab, Class 25

assists Leadership Henderson with their class retreat and values workshop. Having Kristi facilitate at our Class 38 overnight retreat will provide the opportunity to help us elevate our leadership program start-up by promoting the bonding of class members, which we normally see take place by around the fifth class – more quickly.

Raoul Zubia, Class 22
Written by: Craig Miller, Class 7 and Dr. Frances Mills-Yerger, Class 16

Blast from the Past


We had a such a great time sitting down with Raoul Zubia of Class 22 and getting to know him better.  He just finished spending a couple of days interviewing the candidates for the new Scottsdale Leadership Class 38.  As accomplished and active as Raoul is in Scottsdale, we were kind of surprised to hear that he was rather shy and introverted when he was going through school. He pushed through that though and learned, by doing, the values associated with serving others.  He also knows first-hand how to be resilient, and what it takes to fight back from tough times.  The experiences he has been through have made him what he is today. We think you will enjoy getting to him better, just as we did.



Congratulations Becca Linnig, Class 34 !


The Women's Council of REALTORS  is a successful network of real estate professionals advancing women as business leaders in the industry and in the communities they serve. Becca is looking forward to fostering a community of inclusion and education during her presidency.

Don't miss the biggest fireworks show in Scottsdale history! 


Join Experience Scottsdale for a two-hour, in-depth training to improve your customer experience and expand your customer base. This training by one-n-ten will provide best practices for creating a welcoming and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ employees, colleagues, customers and allies. You'll learn terminology and best practices, as well as insight into how you can apply key takeaways in real-life scenarios for your business. June 15th, details below! 

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The Second Annual Handlebar J's event was a boot kicking success! 
Welcome to the Scottsdale Leadership Alumni Family, Legendary Class 37!

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NOAH needs your help to build 800 Family Resource Kits for their upcoming Pediatric Back-to-School Event. 

Saturday, June 17th from 10am to 11:30am 

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