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July 2023 Newsletter

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President's Corner

I could not be more honored to be serving as your Board President for the

2023-2024 year!  In May we welcomed all of our new Board members to our final 2022-2023 Board meeting to help make a smooth transition.  Then in June we completed our Board retreat and what a day it was!  The day was full of excitement, optimism, collaboration and stacks of new ideas.  Our theme for this year’s retreat was “Aim Higher” and at the end of the day there was little room for doubt that we will indeed be aiming higher!  Every committee is building on what has been a very successful past couple of years and they are finding ways to make our organization even better.  In addition, I am excited to announce that we have added a new Board position for overseeing grant acquisition.  We are excited about the possibility of finding new, untapped revenue sources.   


In a time where many leadership organizations have scaled back, Scottsdale Leadership has done the opposite; we are pressing hard on the gas pedal! This year’s upcoming class 38 will kick off their leadership program with an overnight retreat.  This is a first for Scottsdale Leadership as we continually innovate to offer the most immersive leadership program possible, making it better and more effective each year.

One of our biggest goals over the last few years has been to reengage more of our alumni.  We have seen a lot of new faces coming out of the woodwork to serve on our committees and we have seen an increase in attendance at all of our

Incoming President, 2023-2024
Michael Wills

events.  Our work is far from finished as we continue finding better ways in which to serve you, and in turn, you are generously supporting Scottsdale Leadership with your time and financial support.  We have done our best to create events that will interest all of you somewhere along the way and we thank you for your continued support.  


In closing, our goal is indeed to aim higher.  As we strengthen our alumni engagement, it is my hope that alumni involvement will continue to grow in the critical part it plays within our organization..  I am honored to play a small part in the evolution of Scottsdale Leadership.  This organization has given me so much knowledge, personal growth, community awareness and some of the most amazing relationships, and my only hope is that I can somehow give back a little in whatever way possible.  I look forward to serving you in the year to come!

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Meet Your
Board Members

Lyric Naquin, Class 35
Alumni Engagement Committee

With great pride...

we should all look back on the growth and success of our alumni programming this past year.  Yes, even our newest alumni from Class 37 played a role in connecting our community; their participation as class members was a welcomed change. 


This upcoming year we will continue to build upon our core pillars –

SL Serves, SL Speaks, and SL Connects.   We look to continue offering opportunities to serve our community, grow our knowledge through our speaker series, and build relationships amongst our members and our partner organizations.


Our alumni are key to the success of Scottsdale Leadership.  Your personal brand serves us well, and we strive to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments.  Your positive feedback about your SL experience opens the doors for new class members and partnering organizations. 


Your financial support as an Alumni Donor is also important.  July marks the new fiscal year for Scottsdale Leadership.  You should expect a letter detailing the many options for supporting the organization.  I encourage you to be an Active Alumni Donor and if appropriate, consider increasing your donation.  Our Visionary and Champion Levels offer great perks, so be sure to take advantage of all the benefits offered at each level.


My co-chair, Erin Krivanek, and I are excited to announce an even more robust line-up of fun and diverse alumni events in 2023-24.  The calendar is below, and the Alumni Engagement Committee is looking to add even more opportunities, so keep abreast of alumni activities through our monthly newsletter.

We thank you for your continued engagement and support

and look forward to seeing you in the upcoming year!


Rachel is now

the Board


of Save the

Family Foundation

of Arizona!

Learn more

about them


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Congratulations Rachel Pearson, Class 26 !


Way to Go Ryan Rybarczyk, Class 35 !

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Thank you

for your


collecting water

for our vulnerable


Brendan has

been appointed

to the Board

of Directors for

Scottsdale Rising

Young Professionals!

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Congratulations Brendan Cassin, Class 37 !

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Congratulations to these Alumni
Serving on Boards & Commissions

Thank you to Scottsdale Leadership Alumni who put our mission into

action every day by engaging within our community in meaningful ways

including serving on many of Scottsdale's Boards and Commissions.

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