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April 2023 Newsletter

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Executive Director's Corner

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Meet Your Board Members

Andy Greenwood and Annie Gwinn, Class 34

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As Core Program board chairs, our mission is to oversee delivering a program that enriches class participants’ lives and fulfills Scottsdale Leadership’s mission. Having been members of Class 34, it’s been important to us to continually improve the class experience and create dynamic, educational class days that highlight the City of Scottsdale.


Click below to hear more from Andy and Annie who reflect on their experiences as they look toward the future.

Our reach is far and wide...
and sometimes surprising !

Alumni from all over participated in AZ Gives Day, including Missouri, Illinois, California, Utah and of course, Arizona.  I greatly appreciate the updates and information about our alumni along with your very thoughtful and kind comments.  Our Scottsdale Leadership family is phenomenal and it is such an honor to work with each of you.  Thank you to everyone that participated in AZ Gives Day.  Your generosity enables us to continue our mission of informing, inspiring, and empowering leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of our community.

Do you remember your class days?  We’ve come a long way and I encourage you to read the blogs of our Class 37 members.  Public Safety Day is now two full days with one day dedicated to our Fire Department and one day to our Police Department.  Class 37 handled taser guns, observed the maneuvers of an exploding building, and had to identify critical details after a robbery scenario. 


We were treated to an informative Healthcare Day with opening remarks by Gary Baker, Class 18, who is retiring this month after 40 years in the industry.  Food is medicine and back by popular demand, Dr. Shad shared the effects and simple benefits of good nutrition that can be a preventative course of action versus the first solution of a pill.  Astronauts have many doctors to monitor them but as space travel increases, what happens if an astronaut requires a surgeon in space?  It’s all in the blog!

Arts Day is upon us and class members will experience all facets of art, from public to contemporary and everything in between.  A visit to the Museum of the West (a Smithsonian Affiliate museum) will bring great appreciation of the treasure we have in Scottsdale. The Scottsdale Artist’s School will inspire class members with a hands-on activity by local artists. Their blog will be in our next newsletter.

April 22nd is Earth Day. Three of our PLIF projects involve “our home” and how we take care of it. One group has planted new trees at the Boys & Girls Club Scottsdale, another has enhanced the gardens at Saguaro High School, while the last one is improving the grounds at The Artist’s School. 

Scottsdale Leadership continues their impact in many ways and through the time and talents of our incredible alumni and class members. Thank you all for your continued support.

Lee Ann Witt



Great Job, Don Henninger Class 32  & Kevin Maxwell, Class 29 !

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Don and Kevin have been doing an amazing job keeping the community of Scottsdale well informed with their podcast. Click the box below to check it out!  


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Congratulations Eric Caruth, Class 34 !


Congratulations to Eric for being one of 27 community leaders selected to join the Fiesta Bowl Committee! 

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Way To Go Emily Hinchman, Class 33 !

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Emily is the Chair of the Human Relations Commission for the City of Scottsdale. Since graduating from Class 33, Emily has volunteered her time to making a difference in our community so that she can ensure that her kids, and ALL kids, know a world that is kind, compassionate, and equitable. 


Help Us Find Our Next Class of Leaders

Time is running out to nominate someone for Class 38!

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Do you know someone who would make a great candidate for Class 38?

Fill out the nomination form below and we will reach out to them!

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The 2023
Arizona Gives Day
Class Challenge
Results Are In! 

Thank you to all who

participated in supporting

Scottsdale Leadership! 

Congratulations to

this year's champion,

CLASS 37! 

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“Art is for everyone”, was the great comment from Natalie Marsh of Scottsdale Leadership Class 33.  After we had a wonderful conversation with her recently, we knew that there was no better advocate for the arts in our city than Natalie.  It is was only when we delved deeper into her current role within the Scottsdale Arts organization, that we know that she brings some unique experiences and ideas to make that artistic creativity so relevant to Scottsdale today.  We were fascinated to hear her story and we think you will enjoy getting to know her as we did. 

Natalie Marsh, Class 33

Blast from the Past

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March Alumni Survey Results


Your Favorite Leadership Books

The Results Are In! 


in our

next survey 


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Stock up on your summer reading!

to all who responded
to our survey.

'Dare to Lead'
was the top
by survey


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April Alumni Survey 


What Podcasts Are You Listening To?

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Tell us your favorite Podcasts and we will report back the results in the May Newsletter.


Scottsdale Leadership

has a podcast.

Scottsdale Frame of Mind

is not to be missed!

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Alumni Event

Art & Happy Hour
Friday, April 14th, 5:00 pm

Alumni Event

Final Applicant's Reception
Thursday, April 20th, 5:00 pm

Come meet and socialize with our Class 38 Applicants and help them to learn what Scottsdale Leadership is all about.

Drinks and appetizers provided at the roof top reception. 

Alumni encouraged to attend.



Scottsdale Leadership Headquarters

Scottsdale Boys and Girls Club

10533 E. Lakeview Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Alumni Event

Happy Hour at Handlebar J
Wednesday, May 17th, 5:00 pm


Healthcare Day

Healthcare Day for Legendary Class 37! As the morning got started there was some pre-program conversation regarding the impending end to our Core Classes. I saw this in several ways throughout the day: asking pointed questions of speakers out of the gate, and checking in with one another beyond the surface level conversations heard back in the fall. This came with a prevailing sense that while we’ll be together, continuing the work in and around the community for years to come, the end is looming soon. Too soon! There’s nothing we can do about that, though, so Legendary Class 37 dove into the day before us.


Make a Difference

Help Us Double Our Membership &

Support the Scottsdale Public Library

Are you a library advocate and do you believe in the critical role that the Scottsdale Library provides to the community? Please consider joining the Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library to show your support.  The majority of our funding goes to programs for youth and children.

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