Mission & History

The mission of Scottsdale Leadership is to inform, inspire and empower leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community.

Through powerful, transformative experiences during its leadership development programs, Scottsdale Leadership enhances the ability of leaders and creates engaged citizens who ensure a sustainable future for our community. Drawing from a diverse and inclusive group of individuals from the private and public sectors, Scottsdale Leadership creates lifelong, sustained partnerships and connections, delivering a strong net of prominent leaders who regularly influence our communities.

Since 1986, Scottsdale Leadership has been grooming highly motivated people who return to their workplace as a greater asset to their employers and as higher performing employees. Alumni are also well-positioned for advance leadership opportunities within their companies or organization through exposure to diverse classmates and complex issues. Today, over 1,200 graduates of the program have Positively impacted more than 600 civic, business, philanthropic and cultural organization. They have been sought out to serve in government, holding both city and state elected positions; serve on nonprofit board and city commissions; provide volunteer support on important community issues and contributing as servant leaders in the business community.