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Meet Your Board Member

Jim Kollenda, Class 36

His story continues here.....

We’ve had a very busy year so far scouting corporate contacts.  As of this newsletter, our committee has prospected 207 new contacts at 139 companies within the greater Scottsdale area.  In addition, we have touched base with over 74 alumni members.

Our committee objectives are to:

  • Increase overall awareness of Scottsdale Leadership within the executive leadership and human resource/talent/people          operations teams at corporations

  • Encourage engagement with Scottsdale Leadership on some level (either having representation from an individual within their company in the Core Program, and/or provide financial sponsorship support)

  • Find financial support opportunities, which include:

    •    Core Program Class Day Sponsorships

    •    Annual Luncheon Sponsorships

    •    Alumni Events Sponsorships


Have you asked your company to engage (or re-engage) with Scottsdale Leadership?  Are you promoting your knowledge and experience that you gained from your Core Program class-year within your company?  Let our committee know if there is an opportunity for us to connect with your company and encourage Scottsdale Leadership’s continued success and growth!

Should you have any questions about Corporate Outreach, feel free to contact Jane Blacker at or myself at


I wish you all the best this Spring season and hope you and your family and friends are all out and about enjoying the many activities and events going on within our greater Scottsdale community!

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