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January 2023 Newsletter

Outreach and Recruitment

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Chad Arruda, Board Chair, Class 38

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Blast from the Past

Cheri Valentino, Class 32

Blast from the Past

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Shout Out

Leadership in Action

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Shout Out

Newly Elected

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New Dad, Richard Krauss, Class, Class 35

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Join Us at the Parada del Sol

It's Just Around the Corner - February 4th!

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Family Fun!

Annual Picnic - Saturday February 25th

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Thank You to All Our Volunteers

Check Out the Photos from the NOAH FEST Carnival and Health Fair

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Karolyn Kiburz &  Michele Collier...  Way to pull this together, Ladies!

Jeff Klefstad & Karen Shaw

Jerry Scheirer, Sarah Kearney & Rachel Pearson

Lynne Stark, Lyric Naquin & Colleen Katz

Paul Romeo & Jon Garcia

Jenni Douglas, Elizabeth Dankert & Larry Hewitt.....   Class 36 Representatives

Liz Kaplan & Jim Kollenda

Mike Vereeland, Gina Griffiths, Kathie May, Raoul Zubia, Sky Larsen, Erin Krivanek, Michele Collier & Karolyn Kiburz

Denny Brown & Mary DeCabooter

Project Lead It Forward News

How You Can Help

Class 37's PLIF efforts are well underway and there are ways in which you can help.
Below are two opportunities.... and stay tuned for more ways to support the teams helping our community.

Ava's Tree House (1).png
Ava's Tree House (2).png

Class 37 Challenge

Sal Cosenza Teen Center Makeover

Class 37 Challenge.png

Our goal is to build out the existing patio at the Sal Cosenza Teen Center, located in the Scottsdale Ranch neighborhood, to give club members a safe place to hang out with friends after school.  Our plan is to add a shade cover, comfortable furniture, a grill station and a game court for several types of competitive sports fun.

Thank you for joining this worthy project.

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